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Press Releases and Newsletters 2012

20thAugust Countries will leave the euro by 2014, says ACI UK pollpdf - Press Release

Press Releases and Newsletters 2011

11thMay ACI welcomes US Treasury "proposed determination" to exempt FX from CCPpdf - Press Release
3rdMay FSA in London registers ACI examspdf - Press Release
May Newsletterpdf - ACI_UK_Spring_Newsletter_2011.pdf
      February Briefing pdf - ACI_BRIEFING11_edit2.pdf 

Press Releases and Newsletters 2010

    November      Newsletter pdf - 20101104_ACIUK_Newsletter_final.pdf                   
      June       Newsletter pdf - ACI_UK_Summer_Newsletter_2010.pdf                    
      June  Briefing pdf - ACI_BRIEFINGQ2_2010.pdf      

Press Releases and Newsletters 2009

      December  Briefing pdf - ACI_BRIEFING_DECEMBER_09_edit_Layout_1.pdf      
      November  Briefing pdf - ACI_BRIEFING_NOVEMBER_09.pdf      
      June  Briefing pdf - ACI_BRIEFING_JUNE_09.pdf         
      March   Briefing pdf - ACI_BRIEFING_MARCH_09.pdf      
      February   Newsletter pdf - WinterNewsletterFeb2009.pdf      

Press Releases and Newsletters 2008

      December ACI-News Attempt to defraud - Article                                          
July Briefing pdf - ACI_Briefing_June_2008.pdf
30thJune FX-Week pdf - FXW300608_ACI_web.pdf
April Newsletter pdf - ACISpringNewsletter-April2008.pdf
21stApril FX-Week pdf - FXW210408_ACI_web.pdf
24thMarch FX-Week pdf - FXW240308_ACI_Web.pdf

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